It's in your Nature           




We choose to pursue our own destiny and don’t just follow mainstream trends.

It is not the permanent need for innovation that ADVANCE see as their prime mover; rather the other way round –our own

innovations create the new requirements and standards. Our concern with detail very much distinguishes us as a company

that is not afraid to swim against the tide and set about our own innovations. 

It is this passion for the finer points that makes our products what they are. Finished in every detail,
we only bring our new

paragliders and harnesses on to the market, when they have benefitted from the last stage of fine tuning; refining and further

developing the current product selection -always with our goal in sight.





We make our paragliders, harnesses and accessories in our own factory in Vietnam. Comprehensive checks on the production process and supervision of the working practices guarantee ongoing high quality workmanship. Thanks to many years’ communication with fabric and line manufacturers ADVANCE knowhow finds its way directly into the development of new materials. Our philosophy of highest quality in all respects means that we leave nothing to chance. Every ADVANCE product is the result of these processes and policies.